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Samsung Note 8...Chrome...the image is cropped and the dashboard is 6x4


Hm, I'm having an issue with active/inactive states.

For example, a simple contact sensor. When I open it, the tile lights up - great. However, when I close it the tile never reverts back to a closed state. It stays flagged as open until I manually refreshes the page. Same on two different browsers/devices.

It applies to everything. Bulb turns on - great, dashboard updates. Bulb turns off again, no update, stays on until refresh. Presence, great - on arrival, dashboard updates.. and so on.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Same on both cloud and local.

EDIT 2: Just exported and imported to a new dashboard, same issue. The fridge in the image below has been closed for ~5 minutes now, and is properly updated in Hubitat.

Dashboard tile not updating after action

One idea: there are settings for the dashboard refresh rates, any chance those may have been changed from the default settings?


I just checked and tried to change those as well. No difference, unfortunately.


Okay, small update. It actually updates, but it takes about 5 minutes or more.


I am seeing this also but have not had a chance to dig into it like you have,


Does the state of the device change in the device detail view in the web interface on the hub?

Also, what browser, os, device and driver, etc?


Yes, the state of the device changes in the detail view. Everything works perfectly from a automation standpoint, it's just that the dashboard won't update. For example, I can turn off a light via the dashboard and it works fine - the tile just won't update until several minutes later.

Tested systems..
Chrome 67.0.3396.99 on Windows 10 (1803)
Edge 42.17134.1.0 on Windows 10 (1803)
Firefox 61.0 on Windows 10 (1803)

Chrome 67.0.3396.87 on Android 8.1.0
Fully Kiosk Browser 1.18 on Android 5.0.1
Chrome 67.0.3396.87 on Android 5.0.1

In every configuration the behaviour is the same. The tiles updates just as expected when triggered to "open", "on" etc, but continues to stay active even when the sensor closes, the bulb turns off etc.

Drivers are for example..
Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor
Dome Door Sensor
Generic Z-Wave Switch
Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)
Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor

I haven't been able to test every single device I have, but so far everything follows the same pattern.

Any ideas welcome!


I've seen the same behavior. Not consistently, but frequent.


Is this via the cloud or local lan link?


Both, no difference.

EDIT: I can set up a separate dashboard with just a single sensor and share it to you via the cloud. If that helps.

Just need to eat dinner first.. :slight_smile:


I could be wrong but I think you have to change the icon template color for "OFF" as well otherwise it won't change back until you refresh the page.


Oh my, you are right! I totally missed that! I just specified custom colors for state open/on, not closed/off - I left those blank. Now when I added values, eveything works. Thank you!

(and ping to @patrick - all is well!)


Ok, perfect. So no issue other than wrong or overlapping colors set in color chooser?


Exactly. The "issue" seems to be that I left closed/off state default (blank) and only changed colors for open/on. I guess it qualifies as a minor bug, maybe?


Well, its more of a missing feature (bug light...) that populates the default values for the color picker. Right now they are blank which means use the defaults (green for on/open etc. and white for opposite)



I use the background (default) color for the OFF condition. I found the background color to be close to rgba(60,60,60,1).

Works great.

I wonder if it is / will be possible to change the colors per the tile and not the device type. Unless I misunderstand the template setup.


BTW I would be perfectly happy if the Hubitat Staff took this holiday off (actually all holidays) :grinning:

Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices
Leviton z-wave plus dimmers - firmware update may needed to work with generic smart driver

Its per tile template. There are some overlapping tile templates that you can use for different colors.



OK So way does the color template ask "Pick a Template to change its color:" after I opened the template menu from the triple dot icon(?) Isn't the tile template known from the tile the menu was opened from?


The Template Color Editor doesn't know the tiles or templates you have selected. Its a global editor for that dashboard.

You are selecting the tile template (ex. switch) for all of that type of template for the colors for each available state (on / off, etc)

The colors are then applied to all usage of that template. Each tile has a template and a device assigned to it.

So, you can use bulb and dimmer, same thing essentially, but different icons and you can have different colors. But all devices using that template will get that color for that state.

Hopefully that makes sense.