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Speaker volume is an option for a template. Mapping on/off to mute or play/pause/stop is up to the driver.

In fact the dimmer will work for a speaker as is today, just need to change the graphic and that should cover it?

Adding a vertical slider is probably not going to happen anytime soon at least not in the tile view.


Me too, now that you mention it. Definitely for position, not 100% sure about size atm.


Confirmed the issues with new tiles and template color picker. Fix is inbound, hopefully soon. Thanks for reporting these issues!


Yup. I’m currently using the dimmer to control the speakers. It has the features. Just doesn’t look right. A speaker icon would solve it.


Just updated to and all now working.

Thanks for such a speedy fix.


could we please give this one some love? its almost impossible to read a dashboard on a 7" screen when there are more than 12 tiles.

thank you.


Is that just the custom attribute tile? There should have been a resize code put in, let me confirm and get back to you.


right. thanks.


thank you ... this one seems good for now. no vertical centering ... but i can live with that. :wink:

while on the topic could we get an option to hide the header and footer per tile? :slight_smile:

thank you.


Is there a setting somewhere to enable the resizing?
The text in my attribute title still does not resize.


Plus one for this.


see this:


Yeah, I read that and assumed that it meant that text would be resized to fit the tile size it's in. Is that not the case?


ok. it should be ... but seems the fix didnt make it in yet.


Anyone with issue with an old Ipad 2 on ISO 9.3.5 with columns? I could not have more than 4 columns on the display. No issue with all my other devices except with this iPad. Actiontiles and smarttiles are both doing fine. I tried with multiple browsers as well with same result.


Is their anyway to show the Safety Monitor status in a tile? I have searched but cant find away

Thanks NEIL


Currently, no. This is something that is scheduled for 1.1.1 release.


I read through most of the discussion about the button template, but it focused mainly on the momentary capability.

I'm not sure what this template is this designed to do.
For instance, I added one of my button controllers, selected the button template and the button number. When I click the tile, my expectation was that it would send the event that corresponds to that button push and any apps subscribed would execute as coded. However, nothing happens and I get the following exception in the logs.
Command 'push' is not supported by device. (dashboardCmd)

What am I missing here?

From hubitat dashboard …

What driver are you trying to use? What capability for button does it use? What is the driver expecting? push(number) or on(number)?

From the sounds of it, the button controller driver doesn't use our pushableButton capability or similar Hubitat's button implementation

The momentary tile, will send the on command to a driver for use in places where a switch capability is used, but there really isn't an off state, just need to send on.


I tried using multiple button devices, including the built in Remotec ZRC90 and Pico. They all utilize the pushableButton capability and follow Hubitat's' button implementation.