Hubitat™ Dashboard Documentation


HSM is on the feature request list, haven't forgotten about it.



Got another question for you. I was able to get my custom garage door device to show up in the dashboard by including the contact sensor capability.

Now I'm having problem's getting my custom window shade device showing up and it must be a capability I'm missing that your test device has. This device works fine over in the other world but they don't have a dashboard like this so I must be missing something.

Other than including "capability 'Window Shade'" are there any other capabilities that I would need to include that that dashboard is looking for? I've also tried including "Switch Level".


Can you screen shot the states of the device? As long as there is a switch on/off that should work. Not sure off the top of my head if Window Shade has switch attribute or if you have to add the Switch capability to get that as well.


Window shade has open and close and the level.

I’ve tried adding switch and switch level with no luck. I was hoping that gives me an on and off that it’s looking for but no luck. It won’t show up in my dashboard list. But I can make a test device with the Generic zwave shade and it shows up fine.

I must be missing a capability or attribute somewhere. I’ll give it another shot.


What won't show up? The device? If so, make sure you initialize at least one state var on install. Or just flip it from open to closed. If you don't initialize at least one attribute, it won't show up in dashboard.


Yup. The device doesn’t show up in the pull down box when I try to add it to a dashboard.

But that initialization tip makes a lot of sense. I’ll try that by setting defaults values.


Yeah, we added a sendEvent for a state to all the virtual devices. Zigbee and Z-Wave handle this fine, but integrations / custom drivers should add a default sendEvent to set the initial state of the device to jump start it.


Looks like that worked. I have added this sendevent item to my notebook. Thanks again!


@patrick for color temperature bulbs is there a plan to add support for color temperature along with level?

this one is a ikea tradfri e12 bulb which was discovered as a zigbee CT bulb which is awesome

however tile does not show support for color temperature display or control


Yes, color support is planned


I'm having a strange dashboard issue. I'm putting together a dashboard for my phone and have changed the Shades template to have a blue icon when open to indicate blue sky, and an transparent background. Off state also has the transparent background saved. When I add the first shade, everything is normal. 2nd shade with the same template has the default appearance. I have saved the preferences a bunch of times and verified they are both using the shades template. They are both using the same drivers and templates.

Another thing I noticed. If I create a new shade tile using the left living room shade, the correctly configured blue icon is applied automatically by the shade tile. If I create a tile for any of the other shades, the default theme is applied.

Another strange thing happening is take a look at the second screenshot. The Master Bath Motion tile has two colors.

Im using Hubitat .711
Chrome browser on Galaxy s8+


I didn't see it in the first post but, Is there an url based tile? I have some grafana dashboards, local traffic cams, weather radar etc.. that I would like to include.


There is an image template that allows you to enter an address. I use it for a radar loop and 5-day forecast.


After the update, I can't change template colors on the dashboard. I added a tile and it didn't reflect the panel color. When I click on "Template Colors', nothing happens.


Just tried it and it's the same for me. Nothing happens when clicking Template Colors.
Also can't set the position or size when adding new a tile, Have to add the tile first then edit the tile to make the changes.


I have been having this issue as well since before the update.


Will look into it. Thanks for reporting.


Is it possible to add "valve"? I see "water" on the list but that's for water sensor and not water valve. Again, thanks for the dashboard. It's beyond expectation.


Valve is in the works. We had one but pulled it before launch because we didn't have the "confim" action for certain things. Didn't want an accidental tap to open or close a valve. Now that we have that, it never made it back in.


Any plans to add a speaker template?

Something simple like tap for on/off and a volume control.

Also maybe an option to allow vertical sliders for tiles with a slider. Would look nice for my shades to drag up and down and not left to right.