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So an image tile with a variable that is the attribute value?

Hmmmmmm.... Not sure if that is doable (easily) but can't hurt to find out...

Might actually open up the "attribute" template to potentially handle more than one attribute and maybe support combining them into a sentence. Worth looking into... I'll add it to the features list and see what can be done.


Maybe device side is the place to put this stuff? Have defaults for tileImage, tileHeader and tileFooter variables, and have them placed as preferences in the device page. That way people could put in static text or variables as desired, or combine several variables with ; separators. $temp; $humidity for example.

That way you don't have to try to decide if device type goes on the top and name on the bottom, or vice versa.


We made a decision to not have any ui in the driver.

The goal is to make the ui for dashboard as customizable as possible.

It may be possible to create a generic tile that would expose this type of customization down the road.

For display only, its fairly straightforward, but for sending commands it gets more complex. Simple binary commands are easier than parameter based ones.

Something to ponder. However, I don't see us putting tile ui choices in drivers any time soon.



Thinking there would need to be some security/validation on the field, but yes thats what I am thinking exactly

This would open things up to allowing the use of other json data other than Wunderground too if it weren't tied to the Wunderground App

That's actually a great idea - something I was thinking about but figured it would cause too much heartburn



Do you want to add in the Menu a tile that would support RGBW devices. (FIBARO RGBW)
giving us the ability to change colors, change intensity etc.


And for color temperature bulbs with no color, be able to adjust the temp?


Changing all available values for bulbs is on the to do list. The goal is to have basic control in the tile itself, on/off and dim level. But then pop up a modal / window that then queries the device for its capabilities and based on what it returns, show only those controls. This should take care of all use cases for bulbs.


@patrick How do you get the garage icons to show up with open close status? Does the device need to have certain capabilities or attributes that the dashboard pulls from?

I have a garage door capability in my driver but it doesn't add the icon or the open/close status.


Did you use Virtual Garage Door Controller? I don't have a Garage, but I just tried it and it shows up and indicates status.



Nice. So it must work then. I wrote my own garage door opener device type and app. I must be missing a capability or something that it will pull in to show the door state. Too bad I couldn’t look at the code for the virtual device.


Garage template just uses the open and close states. There is a bug that I thought was fixed that if other states are sent it could default back to close. If you can screen shot the event table for your device I might be able to see if I fixed the bug properly or not.

Nothing special in the virtual drivers just send event for open and close.


@patrick need an option not to change the text color on a tile when icon color in the template is changed. here i customized the closed state to use green but that also changes the text color which is inconsistent with the rest of the tiles.


would this weather tile allow picking different zipcode/location on different weather tiles?



The zip code is entered in the driver itself. You can have as many devices and different zip codes. No need to enter a zip code in the dashboard.


ok i see that. now i remember why i ported the other driver over from ST because i use outside illumination provided by that driver. its does a basic calculation but works 90% of the time for the couple things i use the outside illumination value for.



Ok will look into it after i apply the latest update. My driver was actually sending other states such as opening and closing as well as open and closed. I have an idea of what it may be. Thanks again.


I think it’s still sneaked through the last two updates... inc 1.0.8


shouldnt text on tile get resized based on tile size?



#262 how do i access hsm status on dashboard?



This hasn't been fixed yet, its on the list of things to do.