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As a new HE user and new to this community, having come from the SmartThings platform and community, I have to say the difference is night and day.

The SmartThings community is mostly about complaining and not helping (this may be a function of ST’s lack of concern for those that bought in from the start like me).

In my limited time in this community I have received more assistance than I did in my entire 6 years with the ST community!

Thank you from an HE newbie!


Some of us old fogies like to complain and fuss here too. That said, we try to also be helpful in between arguments with each other.




I think it was their lack of concern for EVERYONE.


I second the OP’s statement. The people here are fantastic, friendly, enthusiastic about the product, and really knowledgeable. Most stuff I ask about (mainly to wrap my brain around rm amd it’s device interactions) have been second to none. The HE staff themselves chime in consistently. Support from HE staff has been fantastic as well. Yes, sometimes there are delays in response from support but that’s more due to load of people new to the unit and the protocols involved (myself included not understanding z-wave interactions and what I was doing that contributed to my own mesh going tits up). I think @bobbyD needs a helper (and deserves one, He works pretty tirelessly on here and FB to resolve peoples issues quickly) As a last note, drama in this community is low and the mods make sure it’s low. It’s refreshing.


The ST community used to be awesome and is still a great reference. I left a couple of years ago and like you had been there since the kickstarter campaign.

There is a really nice friendliness/willing to help "vibe" in this community that makes it far more approachable. My ST days I was mostly a lurker.

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It's really cool how the staff participates in these forums. Kind of breaks down the company barrier a bit and personalizes things + you get better information/insights.

I think this community is also helping them too.. as a very basic first level of support.


This community is very helpful and engaged to helping each other with this platform. A welcome change from most forums. I watched Vera degrade into chaos and fighting as time went on. Another reason I switched to HE since the beginning. Not to mention it is the best platform out there.


Only fighting you will see going on here is the best way to set up a garage door opener.... :joy:


You wrong, and I'm right :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I reject your reality and substitute my own.


I too am from ST just at the end of last year. Night and day is an extreme understatement!

Reminds me of something I mentioned in a HE anniversary thread: where's the merch!?

He already has a @gopher.ny :smiley:


Yeah I definitely agree that this is indeed a great community.
I think it's part of the reason we have a great group of community developers as well. It lowers the barrier of entry to new users that have some of the skills needed to develop a driver or app but need that initial jump start.

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