Hubitat C7 Radios Requiring Reboot to Restore

Has anyone else been having to reboot their C7 hubs to restore their Z Wave and Zigbee radios? The C7 will run a day or so just fine, then will be unable to communicate with or control anything via Z Wave or Zigbee until I give it a reboot. The C5 continues on without any problems at all. These two hubs are linked. Some or my devices are on the C5 and some are on the C7. The C5 is Master and C7 is slave (C5 controls devices on the C7 via Link to Hub).

I hope Hubitat can square this away via updates.

Lots of posts on this in the forum - at least about zwave on the C7 sometimes dying. It is being worked on by Hubitat.

Until fixed I would HIGHLY recommend not doing zwave repairs - that can trigger the issue in some cases (at least in my testing).

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We're expecting a FW update soon to resolve these issues, so as JJ says, best to leave things be for a bit if you can.

One thing you can try if you feel you must do something, is rolling back to FW, which for some of us has been stable w/existing Z-Wave devices. Not so great for adding new ones, however.

I haven't heard of Zigbee issues like you report, so no idea how the roll-back will affect that, I've had zero zigbee issues w/the C7 and recent FW.

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