Hubitat C7 not found during register

Just starting to set up Hubitat elevation C7. It cannot be found on the "getting started" or "find hub" pages. I am able to view the hub in my gateway. Looks like it was assigned an IP. Even using advanced search with the MAC address does not show any results.

What is the color of the hub's LED? Red, blue, or green?

Can you connect directly to the IP it was assigned, i.e.


What about


If your network supports mDNS, you could also try:


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Color of LED is green. Connecting directly to assigned IP says that a corrupt database was found? I'm not sure how this is as I have only just plugged it in?

I would like to add that I also have gotten in and soft reset it using the 8081, however it is just stuck on "rebooting" page now...

That is probably because the hub didn't have a chance to update the Diagnostic Tool before the database locked up. It could happen in very rare situations. You could follow the steps in this post:


Hi thank you! This ended up working for me

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