Hubitat C-8 works only with provided power supply and no other USB-C power supplies

C8-Pro plugged into a variety of USB plugs/cables over the past few days, I frankly didn't bother to check the specs of any of them, but it worked fine on all of them.

Just migrated today - very happy w/"the Pro" as we cool people call it. :wink:


According to my UniFi PoE switch, the C7, C8, and C8 Pro all use 1.9 Watts of power. Not seeing any significant increase on the C8 Pro.


Do you notice a significant difference in regards to the time a big-size driver/app is uploaded to the hub?

Yes. I use the VS Code extension to push updates as I'm coding, in a pretty short dev cycle loop usually. I'll code up just a few lines and push it, so I might be pushing code to my hub 30+ times an hour when actively working on something.

It's probably about half as long as it was on the C8.

Pages load noticeably faster. The logs page loads significantly faster.

One of the biggest speed boosts I've seen is the amount of time it takes to pretty-print JSON or XML. My Sonos Advanced app ingests hundreds of XML and JSON files an hour, some of which are hundreds of lines long. And these speakers just love to send "normal" stuff 99% of the time and some weird random thing I'm not expecting 1%. So it's pretty necessary to turn on full logging on the incoming data, and pretty-print it so it shows up in the logs properly.

On the C8 when moving group members around, the 50ish XML files that get fired off by all the speakers during "Zone Group Topology" changes would bog down the hub for a solid 5+ seconds while it's churning through them to pretty-print them. On the C8-Pro it's more like 1 second. Note that it's only the pretty-printing to the logs that really takes a ton of time here. Normal processing of these files, without pretty-printing them, takes milliseconds, on either model hub.

For 'normal users', upgrading from a C8 to C8-Pro is, IMO, 'not worth the price'. For normal users, upgrading from a C7 or earlier to C8-Pro is 'well worth the price'. For a developer, the C8-Pro is well worth the price, even if you already have a C8. At least that's my opinion, and of course that all matters a whole lot on "how much money is $150-180 to you", too.


That's the key, of course. :slight_smile:

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EU is/has banned all other forms of power type connectors in favor of USB-C to reduce e-waste (why Apple is ditching the lighting connector).

I think the issue you are seeing is USB-C supplies that can produce the higher voltages tend to require negotiation (I have a Lenovo laptop charger that won't produce 5V to "dumb" devices)

My new C8 Pro won't work with a C to C power cable. It works fine with A to C cables on different chargers. Kind of annoying, as I had just bought an Anker 10' C to C cable for it. But sure I will find a use for that one, which can handle 240 watts. And Amazon makes the new A to C cable just 2d away.

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