Hubitat C-8 offline

I’ve had the habitat C8 now for approximately six months, and it had been working flawlessly until recently. I currently have it attached via ethernet directly to my ubiquity UniFi UDM, pro SE router. After multiple attempts of trying to keep it online, I decided to go ahead and reset the device by pressing the button on the back for seven seconds. Following doing this, the device is unable to reconnect to the network despite being at connected via ethernet directly to my router. My router works perfectly as everything else in my home works fine. I have several automations on the C8 device and currently nothing is available for use. Anyone with some guidance or help?

Have you tried power cycling both the router and the hub?

Yes did this already with no change to the status LEDs on the device. Still blinks red and green. Opened a support ticket with hubitat and no response in 5 days. I would even be willing to factory reset the hub and start from scratch but seems all the forum posts state I still need to be able to login into my hub which I currently can’t do. My hubitat acct states the hub is registered to my acct but can’t connect. Suggestions ?

Ok so the reset button on bottom of hub is simply for network reset. It does not reset the hub. Now that you've done that, open up a pc web browser on your local network and try to hp to hubitat.local and see if that works. Also check your DHCP table to see if you can see the hub's mac address and corresponding IP....

I only see a ticket you created yesterday, and the case is in the queue to be reviewed today. I briefly looked at your hub and it is offline, so there isn't much that we can do remotely.

A reset will unlikely help. What happens is that the hub is trying to connect to your network via Wi-Fi, but it fails. This issue has been resolved in the latest release, but unfortunately it doesn't look like you were able to update before you ran into this problem. If you set up the Wi-Fi before, there is a chance that unplugging the Ethernet cable and allowing the hub to connect via Wi-Fi will resolve the problem.

I’ve never set up the hub via wifi. Has always been connected via Ethernet. However when it started to flash red and green meaning no network connection I removed the Ethernet cable and seemed to successfully have connected via wifi - obtaining a green solid light on the hub. However, I still couldn’t login to the hub and didn’t even see it as a device on my network in order to obtain the ip address to login. I use a unifi UDM pro SE router with access points throughout my home. Any suggestions on how to login if I’m able to disconnect the Ethernet wire, have the device connect via wifi (green light on the hub) ?

What do I do next if I’m able to do this?

Please check your email.

Do you see an SSID labelled MyNewHubitat? If so try connecting to that from your laptop or mobile device and see if that lets you get in.

More information: Registration and Setup | Hubitat Documentation