Hubitat black Friday deals?

Hi all
I was just wondering if Hubitat will be having Black Friday deals? Did anything go on sale last year?

Nooooo, cause then I'll have to put up with a huge banner for weeks on this page. It's un-dismissable. And I already own two hubs.


you can X out the banner and it goes away

So I'll take that as a yes :smiley:

Only until next visit.


Exactly. And when viewing on mobile devices, like I usually do, the banner is horrendously obtrusive. I probably closed the *!#$ banner 300 times during the last sale (yes, I get on the forum too much, and yes I close out old sessions instead of leaving them open).

For that reason alone I hope Hubitat NEVER has another sale again. EVER. 4th of July this year was the most annoying few weeks to participate on this forum ever. gumble grumble :smile:

Next sale time I'll take a couple week vacation from the forums (uh oh, that may backfire make a sale come even sooner.... :man_shrugging:).


Oh stop all your moaning :wink: :smile:
How's a guy like me supposed to join the community when spending so much on smart home tech without black friday deals

I honestly can't remember if the hub went on sale last Black Friday, but I can tell you now that it's the cheapest it's ever been, and while none of us know for sure, I'd say it's unlikely to get much lower given the cost of the hardware itself that they're using (to say nothing of the time they've put in on top of that). It's already competetively pricided for a DIY hub (the ST hub is probably the closest feature-wise and their v3 is a bit less but, let's face it, not as powerful in practice when you consider that it offloads almost all of its work to the cloud; it's less than most Veras except the Z-Wave only one, and even their Zigbee one, costing more, barely supports anything--just some comparisons).

I wouldn't complain if there was one--just wouldn't hold my breath. And if there is, I also hope the banner remembers its dismissal. :smiley:

The cost of my 3 hubitat hubs is probably <5% of what I've spent on home automation in total. That isn't the area we need sales on. :wink:


I'll be moaning with Mike because the Black Friday deals are usually only for people in the USA. I'm not from the USA...

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Noooooo.... I'm not in the US either. I'm planning a LOT of purchases this year so every little bit helps. Even if it was just a couple % off.

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Please! Just sold my ST hub at a loss so I can try Hubitat and missed the $74.95 deal. Every penny counts at present.