Hubitat as a signal receiver to HA

I recently installed Homeassistant for the first time on my NAS in order to control some unsupported devices in HE via handshakes and virtual switches. Keeping HE as my primary device/hub.

I don’t have a Z-wave or Zigbee USB stick for my NAS yet (although I’d love your recommendations—just trying to save money for now.) I was wondering if there’s a way to simply utilize/connect the HE to HA so that HA can directly use the HE receivers to find unsupported HE devices.

In particular, I have a few IKEA Zigbee remotes that have better support in HA and would like to use them instead of sitting in a box.


I would recommend using z2m within HA with this dongle to get your Ikea button controllers into HA.

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I suppose I could do a virtual switch from HE to control HA devices again (primarily for Alexa support.)

Was just wondering if Conbee and DConz integration might work as well.

Do you have any recommendations for anything that also has Z-Wave or should that be kept separate? I’ve heard stories about numerous Zigbee/Z-Wave devices falling off HA and not reconnecting.

Yes. But it’s expensive and offers no advantage.


Depends on the devices... i.e. some IKEA devices are supported via Conbee2 / DeConz and the Community DeConz integration... That relies on the fact that:

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Yeah I know... I'm so half-tempted to pull the trigger on the Sonoff dongle now.
Just figured I'd ask. I'm pretty platform agnostic but I'm also of the opinion if it aint broke, don't fix it. And Hubitat has been pretty solid for 98% of all of my needs.

Wow I need to do actual work work.
Home automation is bad for people with ADHD... Found myself 2 hours later trying to figure out how to solder antennas onto the HE lol.


You and me both buddy, I have at least 5 different projects at once, NONE of them complete.

BTW using 2 sonoff dongles-P type and they work great for ~20 USD each. HA has gotten much easier to install/run and there are integrations that allow HA devices to show in HE. I use HA for Aqara devices that never were stable on HE, since Aqara choose to not follow Zigbee standards

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It is a simple way to get zigbee devices unsupported devices into Hubitat by way of HA and HADB. I got an equivalent dongle about 2.5 years ago and found to be valuable. More recently, I have switched to using the built-in zigbee radio in HA Yellow.

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I bit the bullet and just picked up a Sonoff for around $19.
Running everything HA fine on my QNAP for now.
It is what it is... Not expensive but it's a rabbit hole lol.

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Their moisture sensors appear to be running solid for me on HE. But I did return one of their leak detectors as I had thought it was faulty. Now I'm wondering...

You should be able to bring into Hubitat unsupported devices that you already have. For instance, I use my Lutron Connected Bulb Remotes via z2m.

when i used HA i used GitHub - jason0x43/hacs-hubitat: A Hubitat integration for Home Assistant and it worked great

Yeah I did my Velux Skylights into HA then used Virtual Switches from HE back into HA using Automations. So after 3 years, I can now finally control the skylights with Echo/Alexa..

I have a few Google hubs and Homekits but my wife is used to the Echos as we started with them initially.

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↑↑↑↑↑ This. I've been running a smallish ~ 10 device Z2M network(w/ Sonoff Dongle) as a test, and it's flat out amazing. I had a battery go dead, and 4 days later popped in a new one and Z2M grabbed the device, zero issues. And it was one of those PITA Hue dimmers that always fall off HE and are tricky to pair.

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