Hubitat app presense detection has been unreliable this week

I sent this as an email to support a few days ago with some logs showing the phones departing and returning but haven't gotten a reply yet so I thought I'd see if anyone here has seen this before and found a solution?

The last few days both my wife’s and my iPhone presence sensors have started going away and coming back multiple times a day while none of our other presence sensors are exhibiting this issue. We use Life 360 and the presence devices on our old SmarThings hub as well via the community Combined Presence app, so for now I’ve disabled the Hubitat presence away from causing our virtual presence devices from going away.

Our Hubitat presence will show us leaving and coming back multiple times while we are sleeping with the phones on the charger next to our bedroom window.

This has never been an issue in the past, we just noticed it started on 1-28-2020 when it turned the lights off on my wife while I was at work multiple times and I found it was because our system was arming then disarming while she was there and only her Hubitat apps presence sensor was leaving and arriving. Nothing has changed on our phones iOS 13.3 or our hub that I’m aware of since when it was working.

My phone is on the latest beta release while my wife’s is on the latest prod release.


My phone used to do this with life360 up until a few months ago. I think that it's not really the app, but more the gps. I notice that things get wonky with location after phone os updates. Also, location might not be as accurate when you're indoors because no direct line of site to the satellite. Might check to make sure that your phone isn't putting your gps to sleep when not in use. I know the same happens with wifi and you have to keep that active to avoid false reads. I've moved away from using hubitat for presence as life360 has been fixed and working great.

The thing is we're using the Life360, SmartThings, and Hubitat apps on the same phone so all using the same GPS info but only the Hubitat app is sending the away signal when it shouldn't.

That is the exact reason that I disabled presence on the mobile app a few months ago; it was departing every 10 minutes. I setup Homebridge on an always on Windows 10 PC and use Apple Home for the dashboard, sharing a virtual presence switch with Apple Home for home/away presence function. I use a combined presence of Home, SmartThings, and WiFi presence with the advanced combined presence app. I set it up so ST and Home must both leave for presence to be not present and it is reliable.


@bobbyD I've seen a few beta updates recently which say they are to try to help with presence detection. Mine were working pretty well until last week or so when they started departing and arriving multiple times a day. I sent an email to support giving more details the day after I noticed the issue and it was still occurring but I haven't heard back. Thanks.

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