Hubitat app installed - not showing up as device

I installed the Hubitat App on someone else's Galaxy phone so that HSM could send her notifications. (I am an iPhone person, so I am not sure I am doing things right on the Galaxy.) I can get to dashboards, devices, etc. from her phone, but her phone does not show up as a device in HE. Any ideas?

Did you select create device from the app?

I don't see a create device option in the app.

I created a new Hubitat account when I installed the app. The app says No Hub(s) Found for: . When I click Go To Portal, it can find the hub and all of the devices, etc. Am I actually getting to that info from the web browser and not from the app?

You need to add the account as a guest to the hub on the Portal. After that the mobile app can select the hub ans create a device.

Thanks. It is working now.

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