Hubitat and MyQ - Tilt Sensor vs IFTT

Good day,

I am trying to determine how best to integrate my garage door openers with Hubitat.

I understand (I think) there are two methods:

(1) MyQ linked with IFTT to Hubitat. I believe this costs some subscription money and then using cloud based data / instructions for automation.

(2) MyQ custom app ported from ST with Tilt sensors. This requires more cost from a hardware standpoint, but then is a local based automation and event triggers?

Is my understanding accurate and are there other pros and cons that I should be considering as I determine path forward. My desires are pretty basic.

notification if door is open or closed while i am away
turn lights on if door is opened during specific time windows.

Close door if open for more than x time.

Ability to remotely open and close doors.

Thanks in advance.

The hardware cost is not substantial... $20 for this and the tilt/open/closed issue is completely solved

The 2nd option still externally talks to the MyQ service (the driver holds the authentication details), but that didn't cost any extra that I remember... maybe it was some special they were/still-are running? whatever it was, it does not lean in IFTTT (yuck!) at all

If you already have Chamberlain/MyQ, then the tilt sensor is inexpensive, and at this point free. We are "exploiting" your existing account to operate the door. It really isn't that different than using the phone app. The only issue with this method is that they have blocked or updated things in the past, and it took a few days for someone to figure out how to fix this.

If you have no hardware at all, I would look at a relay, maybe like the Zooz Zen16, which is Zwave and therefore will be local to your hub rather than cloud dependent. There are other options, but this is pretty cost effective.

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