Hubitat and DNS assignment

Because the Hubitat uses DHCP to get it's IP assignment shouldn't it also be using the DNS the DHCP server assigns it too? I am not sure what release this changed in but I remember the hub originally only had one connection to the cloud and the DNS queries were handled through the router. The way it is doesn't seem to be causing problems, I'm just wondering why it is setup this way.

Of course it should, and hubitat knows that/knows better....

I believe they have already said that they are looking into changing/improving the DNS behavior.

I internally redirect all outbound DNS back to my approved DNS servers, so it isn't a big deal to me - but it still isn't good behavior.

Yup, see my post outlining it. They've made changes to the DNS behavior, to address flooding, but it’s still not correct wrt the broader DNS usage (esp for a disconnected device)

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This is being worked on and we hope to resolve this in the near future.


FWIW. It has been a few days since I last checked but it looks like the Hubitat hub v2.1.1.122 is now using the assigned DNS given to it by the DHCP server.

Brand new hub, and my firewall blocking any NTP/DNS not from my personal server caused me issues... Anyway, v2.1.1.122 is loaded and I am still using hard-coded NTP and DNS servers.

Is there an actual time frame other than "in the near future"?