Hubitat Account Question

I originally setup Hubitat with my Google account. That works fine, but had an unintended consequence... If I try to do location routines in the Alexa app, now I have to login to the Hubitat skill on those phones with my Google account too. On my wife's Galaxy S8 I even had to add my google account to her phone settings or I couldn't log into the skill in Alexa (then I was able to remove it afterward).

Is there a way to still get a Huibitat email based login account now that I have already set everything up with my Google account? Or is it too late?

Didnt know about this.

I think is working on a way to have something similar to ST.
An admin account and than share access to users.

Ah least thats my hope.

Best bet is to email support.

Very good question. I have something similar as I linked my hub with Facebook. Now I think I want to limit my Facebook SSO due to the recent news.

If you do contact support and get a reply, can you post it here ?

BTW: I had the same in Sharptools where I registered using my Google account. I didn´t find a way to unlink it, but I could add an email account and it linked, based on my email, to the old account.

Another thing I started thinking about. In Sharptools, and many other services I have registered for, there does not seem to be any way to totally delete your account if you stop using the service. I wonder how many orphaned accounts I have out there ?

I emailed support. I'll post the response here.

EDIT: You can't sign up with the same account tied to the Google/Amazon federated login. You can, however, sign up with a different email address and then get the account linked to the hub.

I have a second email address, so I signed up with that one. Note that support has to manually link the new account with the hub, so it still takes communication with support to complete.

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Feel free to reach out to and we can delete any orphaned accounts for you if needed. :slight_smile:

As you noted, we have options for signing in with Google, email/password, or SMS and linking them all together under one SharpTools account. If you already had one SharpTools account and accidentally created another account, then when you try to link the existing sign-in method it will prompt you to merge the accounts - that way there aren't orphaned or duplicated accounts left out there:

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I've also made the mistake of using an Amazon acct when I first signed up. I went incognito to the portal created a new account using a different email address. Still in incognito when I log in to the portal it let me pick my hub and then brought it up. I'm wondering if I need to have support do something?

Thanks for replying. For Sharptools I don´t have any complaints. I did not get the merge accounts, but I am now in without using my Google account. I used the same email address, so perhaps there was some merge/logic on the back-end, but it does not appear under my account settings that Google is linked. But, I still have the same dashboards etc. that I had before.

For the orphaned accounts, I just meant in general. I tend to create an account for a lot of services and then I might not come back to them and if I do, and try to delete my account, some don´t even offer that as a possibility.

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You should contact support after you create a different account to make sure the backend is linked. I worked with @bobbyD. Now when I go to sharptools it sees my new account with the hub and everything still works great.

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