Hubigraph Long Term Storage Stall

Anyone got any ideas?

I have been just letting Hubitat do its thing once it was all stabilised and have been negligent in checking things while being busy with other things.

I noticed that most of the graphs created in Hubigraph all had truncated data, just data from the last 2 hours instead of the last week.

All the devices are reporting well so that was not the issue.

Then noticed the Hubigraph Long Term Storage was reporting no data from two thirds of all the Long Term Storage Devices. Reporting latest data as March, May June.

The devices are all creating a lot of data but LTS (Long Term Storage) does not appear to be able to collect it.

Removing a device from LTS and then re-adding does not enable LTS to start collecting data from the devices.

Current Hubigraph Apps

  • HubiGraphs
    • Hubigraph Bar Graph v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Forecast Tile v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Gauge v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Heat Map v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Line Graph v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Long Term Storage v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Radar Tile v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Range Bar v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Time Graph v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Time Line v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Weather Tile v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph Weather Tile 2 v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraphs v4.90 (app)
    • Hubigraph OpenWeather Device v4.90 (driver)
    • Hubigraph Tile Device v4.90 (driver)


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Yippee. It's not just me after all.
See this thread.


Ok read the thread does not look like a resolution :frowning:

A great shame losing Hubigraph :frowning:

Need to find an alternative, I have been looking at the graphs for the last six months thinking they were reporting current data not data from 6 months ago.

I have appended my problem to the thread so the initial issue is not the resolution. Have you read the whole thread?
My issue was introduced in and I'd be surprised if yours wasn't too. But I don't know of course.

Can I ask if your are using hub mesh with security enabled?

I do not believe it is 2.2.9

I was using LTS for 30+ devices

20 of them stopped updating LTS in March/April so well before 2.2.9

I am just taking them off LTS for now and ramping up the Event History and State History so I can get Graphs working again - it is the way it was before LTS was added.

If that still does not fix the issue I need to find and alternate Graphing tool that I can use with Hubitat/Dashboards or start the search for replacing Hubitat :frowning: not my preference.

Yes using Hub Mesh and no security enabled ran into too many issues with Security enabled.

LTS is still failing on some devices but not on others.

I just had a lightbulb moment.

I share zwave devices from Heating Hub to Master Hub using Mesh.

The graphing is all done on Master.

I had turned up the logging on devices on the Heating Hub and just noticed the events are stored and controlled locally so turned up logging on Master and the graphing is working again - albeit without LTS.

So a workaround.

I do hope the good folks at HE find an alternate easy to use graphing solution.

Looks like my issue was completely different to your issue.
Disabling hub security followed by a reboot has solved my issues.

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I disabled Hub Security a long time ago it was causing too many issues.

So ran up an isolated iot vlan and put Hubitat in that, sitting on the naughty step of my network :slight_smile:

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Nudging this old thread back to life. I'm experiencing something similar. I have two new Zigbee Sensors that definitely are producing data. I can see the values changing "live" and I send those values to Home Assistant via the Maker API. I can see graphs there. But Long Term Storage doesn't seem to be capturing the values at all. I have other sensors for which Long Term Storage is working perfectly. Any clues as to what might be happening? I am using sensors from ThirdReality. They use the standard ZigBee Generic Temperature + Humidity sensor driver.

Is it a case that the sensors are new in your setup and not working after you set them up with LTS, or they were previously working and a recent platform update or something similar has made them stop working?

These are new sensors in my system. I have been using LTS for a long time without issue with similar sensors that use the same driver. But these are new and seemed to be liked by others in the community.