I'm new here, switching from Wink and loving it so far. Trying to set up my Virtual Keypad to control HSM, I have created the Dashboard but not able to save parameters ( Codes, Delays,) for the Virtual Device

check out the release thread here:

It should help you get going and any additional questions you have can easily be addressed there.

Currently there is an issue with setting the codes directly on the keypad device on hubitat 2.2.4 and 2.2.5. if you use the app 'lock code manager' it can push codes to the virtual keypad device.

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Thanks, do I need to create just one Virtual Device called "Keypad" as a whole or one device for each button on the keypad?

If you have installed the 'virtual keypad' from hubitat package manager, then you go to the virtual keypad app, create a child app for each custom keypad you need. Most people just need 1. The child app will configure the keypad options, and create the keypad and button devices automatically. This version is easier to setup and has more features.

if you installed the 'virtual basic keypad' then you need to manually setup the virtual keypad device, and manually specify all of the button commands on the dashboard. The 'basic' term might be misleading as its actually harder to setup. The main benefit is the virtual basic keypad device has no child buttons and only interacts with HSM like a hardware keypad.

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I was working on the Virtual Basic Keypad to keep it simple, I guess Basic doesn't exactly mean that. Thanks for the Heads Up, I think I'll try Virtual Keypad too

I have all the buttons on the keypad working except the PIN entry is mute, you could Arm & Disarm either way. Also how can I change Font Size of the Keypad Buttons?

Font is handled by the dashboard. Use the gear in the upper right and either use the basic settings or you can apply custom css to change your look and feel on the dashboard. This is outside the scope of the virtual keypad addon and support.

Regarding pins and the keypad commands. all of the commands are configurable in the app that manages the virtual keypad. You can choose which do and do not need pins to execute.

Please post all other support questions in the main release thread.

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The Gear setting changes the fonts of the dashboard tiles but not the keypad buttons, I have assigned PIN to Arm & Disarm buttons, but somehow they're still working regardless of the PIN entry, not sure what I'm missing

Are you sure lock code manager set the code properly on the virtual keypad device? When on the keypad device page you should see your code(s) in the "Current States" area set in the 'lockCodes' state.

The code does shows in the Virtual Keypad Device, and on the keypad if I push Arm without putting the PIN display shows “input denied” however it still completes task! Another words commands are sent either way


is there a way to modify css coding to text-transform the HSM status window to Capitalize ie: disarmed to Disarmed

Having trouble triggering Virtual Keypad Chime function, would appreciate some help

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