Hubduino servo volume control

Hi guys.

Im kinda jumping in at the deep end on this one. But have begun my research on how arduino works etc, and have been watching youtube videos to begin to figure this out.

Been learning about sketches i beleieve :grin:

So, the topic at hand.

I have built my own multiroom smart control audio setup in my house, all audio comes from one source and i can turn on and off 8 pairs of speakers. But i would like to be able to individualy control volume. I have purchased in line volume knobs which i will attach an sg90 servo too.

The sg90 servo will be controlled by an esp8266 nodemcu

So i estimate the servo will need to rotate from 0-300 degrees to go from volume 0 to 10.

So perfect world, id like to have perhaps a slider (like a mixing desk) on my dashboard and be able to control and alter the volume even if it only has 10 specific points. But id like to be able to tell alexa to set kitchen volume to 8 as an example.

Does this sound feasible? And what sort of difficulty am i looking at for setting this up?