Hubconnect with Smartthings remote hub

I am trying to install HubConnect 2.0. There seems to be some conflicting documentation out there as to where oAuth must be enabled on various apps. It seems in the Hubitat server hub the only one with oAuth enabled is "HubConnect Server Instance". I find conflicting information as to whether the app on SmartThings should have it enabled, although I may be confusing instructions from different version of HubConnect. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks!

Cordell Jeppsen

Read the primary thread for this app. There are a couple replies in that thread that address this. You need to use some previous version for it to work in ST.

You may be 'generous' with oAuth. If it's not needed, it's not used :smiley:

It needs to be on on ST's App in order to connect via ST's Cloud.

You can enable it on HubConnect Server for Hubitat and on HubConnect Instance -- no harm :smiley:

like this, only in ST. Although right now ST is having issues and I tried to refresh my connection to ST, by redoing hubconnect and It keeps failing on ST.SEE BELOW FOR CORE ISSUE-Secure UPnP

Here's something I just discovered, it maybe useful for you, if you're not already aware.
My failure to connect to ST was a result of having to reset my router and all its settings.
In the reset the setting secure UpnP got activated


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Wasn't aware.. wouldn't have guessed either.


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