Hubconnect & Netatmo missing Wind and Rain options

I've just installed HomeConnect .
Truely outstanding..... code / documentation / implementation: Echo Speaks works perfectly.

One little issue, on the slave I am running Netatamo weather station, I can see 2 of the modules indoor & Outdoor but there is no sign of the Rain and Wind modules. Am I missing something? They don't get listed as an option in Huninstance on the slave.

doh .. i meant I installed Hubconnect... Anyone any ideas on missing Wind and Rain options.

That's what the Custom Driver feature in HubConnect Server is there to do. There's a giant bit of irony with this.. HubConnect grew out of Hubitat being 'slow' to add Attributes to HubLink. Of course HubConnect grew far past that initial desire, but Custom Drivers were created to meet that same need. A device arrives on the scene that few have/use and yet the attributes need to be 'distributed' :slight_smile:

You will have to create a HubConnect Universal Driver (aka 'stub' driver) and then complete the Custom Driver page. HubConnect will distribute the "definition" to all connected hubs.

I'm up for giving it a go.. is there anything available to guide a newbie on the steps I need to take in a little more detail?

I guess I need to update the slave code to recognise Rain and Wind attributes and add a customised driver on the host to recognise and receive the data. It's just passing some numbers... hmmm

There's no shortage of HubConnect Universal Drivers to get a picture of what a stub driver needs. It isn't much. Attributes, which are usually copy paste from the "real" driver. If there's new commands, then you have to flesh them out.

What driver are you using: "I can see 2 of the modules indoor & Outdoor" -- you might be able to take that driver as your Template (rename it) and add in the two attributes you need. Might be nothing more, but I don't have any Netatamo experience. (I suspect that was the first time I ever typed it. :slight_smile: )

the Wind and Rain device drivers are here

I read in the forums that the Netatmo Weather system will be supported by HE, so maybe this device is used quite a lot.

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