HubConnect migration to use Hubitat Migration Manager

Apologies for starting a new thread but the existing one is rather large:
I see you can use Hubitat Migration Manager to maintain the Hub Connect Virtual drivers. Using Migration Manager is the way I want to go and I've had a stab and moving to Migration Manager without success. Can someone advise the simplest way here to migrate from virtual drives using URL for imports to Migration manager

Do you mean Hubitat Package Manager? (I have never heard of "Hubitat Migration Manager," and your post is the only search result for it.)

If so, you shouldn't need to do anything special if you already have the drivers installed manually. The "Match Up" feature in Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) should find the HubConnect drivers, ask you to confirm, and then take care of keeping them updated from then on out. Use that button/link on the main Hubitat Package Manager page to initiate this search, though I believe HPM also offers to do this the first time it's installed.

I would also use the "Hubitat Package Manager Settings" button/link and ensure you have the "SRWhite" repository checked under "Available Repositories," as that is where these drivers come from.

Yes your right.. it's called Hubitat Package Manager... and it's very good. Just did what you suggested above and it's all looking good.
Thank you very much.


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