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With the latest update I can no longer connect to my smartthings hub. I had it connected until yesterday and I updated the app code and now I cannot get it to connect. All I get is hub connect server instance and it will just keep creating server instance on top of server instance.I am lost installed it with no issues a week ago with brand new C5. I have deleted all apps, devices, drivers, etc and reinstalled each with no luck. I need this so I can add myHarmony smart home control back into my system. PLEASE HELP!

If you updated according to the instructions, you should be able to restore your Hubitat database to the backup you made with version 1.5, then you could at least get yourself working for now until you can get the newer version sorted out. I don't think there were any changes on the ST side, though I haven't updated to the 1.6.1 myself yet so can't say for sure...

You may have more luck posting in the main HubConnect thread*, but both the author and his beta tester are pretty good at reading the forums, so they're likely to see this and help. I'll tag @csteele anyway to see if he has any ideas or wants to bring in anyone else. :slight_smile:

*EDIT: I mean in the future, not double-posting.

Unable to duplicate.

Do I understand correctly, you are trying to ADD a connection to ST? It sounds like you had one, and now as you're trying to add a 2nd, it's failing.

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're doing (step by step) in order to duplicate. I do know that my ST connection is working correctly on the latest version.

I had one established and after I updated it lost connection. So I deleted the apps and drivers and re-imported all apps and drivers and after I run the setup I get

where as before it listed the ST hub on my network.

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