Hubconnect Installed -- Now what?

I have recently moved from ST to Hubitat and love HE. I was going to keep the ST hub running for a couple of things like redundant presence sensors, RING Doorbell, etc and love what Hubconnect can potentially do. The instructions to install on both by HE and ST hubs were great and seemed to go great EXCEPT I was never asked to install any of the drivers. I am only sending devices on ST to HE, not the other way around.

What I cannot find is what to do next? Are there instructions on how to use HubConnect? Are the few devices on my ST hub supposed to automatically show up on my device list? What do I have to do after following installation instructions to get devices to be accessible? How do I make HubConnect automatically ask me install device drivers as mentioned in the installation instructions.

I selected the devices on ST to share and installed those Hubconnect drivers. What possibly could i have done wrong or doing wrong currently? Please help an HE newbie out. Thank you in advance.

The very high level overview is:

Pick one Hub to be the Server Hub, all other hubs are therefore: Remote Hub

On the Server Hub, install two Apps (Server, and then Server Instance)
On the Server Hub, install one Driver: HubConnect-Remote-Hub.groovy

On the Remote Hub, install one App: Remote Client

With the above, you will be able to interconnect the hubs BUT no devices will be 'mirrored'

Directionality is independent of "Server" vs "Remote" and for that reason, all I can offer is the advice... HubConnect Universal Drivers must be installed on the RECEIVING hub. ("Real Devices, with real drivers" exist on a hub. The Universal drivers go on the other hub.) Once all the required drivers are installed, when you select devices to 'mirror' and click Done all the way out, the device info will be sent to the receiving hub and the virtual devices will be automagically created.

HubConnect Documentation, click here

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Thanks, I think that will get me going. I found those installation instructions but didn't see it mentioned how those devices were used after installing everything, especially since the devices weren't showing up for me. Now they are. Thank you.

I'm in a similar boat that you were. Just gut HubConnect up and running, but not sure what to do next, how did you move forward?