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I am having issues getting hubitat to send devices to smartthings thru hubconnect. I have followed the directions but cannot figure out how to share devices from hubitat to smartthings. Can someone please help.


Hi @yoshi98bc

Welcome to Hubitat. I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your issue. However, I am going to suggest you post your question to the HubConnect thread, instead of starting a new post.

Most developers keep track of the parent thread for each of hteir apps, but not new threads. Hence, if you start a new thread it is quite possible that @srwhite and @csteele will never see it.

Will do. Thanks for the help

There's not enough information for me to assist.. without first asking a lot of questions. :slight_smile:

There are a couple of screen cap videos that show the setup of the "Server/Coordinator hub" and another of setting up the Remote Client. Both of them are Hubitat captures.. no SmartThings. However the technique shown for a Hubitat Remote Client is similar, but with all of ST's IDS + Mobile app schizophrenia :slight_smile:

This is the Server video.. you'll follow this completely....

Below is the Remote Client video.. you'll have to extrapolate out the differences... Install the code via ST's IDE, oAuth, publish for me, etc. Then over on the Classic mobile app, you'll install the App (Marketplace) Then, to perform the configuration, you'll go to Automation and choose HubConnect Remote Client. Yea, three different interfaces ...

Let me know if that helps any.. and where exactly you're having a problem.

So I got everything installed according to these videos. I was able to share the devices thru the ST app and have them show up and work in hubitat. But I cannot figure out how to share the hubitat devices to smartthings

Same way, in reverse.

On the Server, Apps, select your ST hub. Mine's called ZeeSmart


Then click Connect Local Devices to Client Hub.

You WILL need to install drivers on the ST end FIRST.


That's the option I cannot find. What would prevent that from showing up?

It's 'prevented' by a failure of the Connect to Client Hub portion. The Server creates a Key, you paste that Key into the Remote Client. It sends a confirmation back to the Server using the Key.

If that circle is incomplete, you don't get to move to the next portion.

Deleted everything a redid it. Works now. Thanks

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