HubConnect and ST app

I apologize profusely for starting this thread. There is so much to read on this topic but none of the threads or docs have lead to success. :frowning:
I have a new C7 and a large ST setup with WebCore. I decided to migrate slowly so HubConnect looked like the best option.

I have installed on the HE:
HubConnect Server v2
HubConnect Instance v2
HubConnect Remote Driver v2
I installed on ST:
Hubconnect Remote Client for Smartthings.
OAuth in enabled on both apps.

In the HubConnect app I connect manually to the ST IP, set the remote type to SmartTings and get the connection key. I go into the ST app, enter the key and the app just hangs.
On the HE side if I click "Verify" i get this:

Remote installation is not complete. Please click the [Install] button on the remote client.

What is this Dumb@33 not doing right? :slight_smile:

No apologies needed. However, you're more likely to get an answer quickly if you post in the HubConnect thread linked below:

You also need the ST version of that on ST.

So.. two pieces of code on ST, the App and the Driver.

I looked everywhere for that link as some of the install docs said you needed it but never found a link

Install docs?

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 9.04.43 PM

Answered on the other thread, but for the sake of completeness:

Thanks. I did try installing the HubConnect Remote Hub as a driver in ST but it fails to compile so I thought I had that wrong.
Java.lang.RuntimeException: Metadata Error: Capability 'Initialize' not found.

Also the instructions seem to be wrong, maybe due to the writer not actually being a former ST user? They refer to creating a DTH like an app.

Click My Device Handlers and then the + New SmartAPP at the far right and click From Code tab.
11. Visit the and download the HubConnect Remote Hub for SmartThings.
12. Open the code into an editor of your choice, then select all and copy the text.

Should read:
13. Click New Device Handler
13a Choose From Code tab
13b Paste the text into the SmartThings IDE.
14. Click Create in the dialog window.
15. Click Save. NO
16. Click Publish, For Me. NO

I have a Hubconnect Remote Hub for Smartthings on the ST Drivers Tab, and a Hubconnect Remote Client on the SmartApps tab.

This is strange.
I have HubConnect Remote Client for ST on the SmartApps but the only the only Remote Hub I can find is generic; I don't see Remote Hub for Smartthings on Probably why it doesn't compile.

Go up one level from your link, (breadcrumbs near the top of the page) and then on the right hand side you should see a link for the ST driver.

Thanks for pointing me to the proper DTH, probably glossed over it many times!
Now I'm back to the ST app hanging after I put in the connection key. :frowning:
ST Live Logging shows nothing so back to square one and re-re-read the install docs.