Hub won't work when connected directly to new router

I just upgraded my router to an Asus RT-AX86U and my C7 hub won't connect when it's directly plugged into it. It will work when plugged into a switch connected to the router. It's never detected by the router and it doesn't matter if I assign an IP based on MAC address or not. It just never shows up on the client list. As soon as I plug it into the switch it shows up and works. I found a reference to using /hub/advanced/network/lanautonegconfigenable and I tried that but it didn't make any difference. Are there any settings on the router I can try?

I should probably mention the LED does eventually go green in both cases.

Sounds like a negotiation issue. Try setting it for Fixed 100 Full instead of auto negotiation and see if it works that way...Also have you updated to the latest firmware on the asus?

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And if that solution doesn't work, try issuing a shutdown command to hub, once it shuts down fully, connect it to the router with hub powered off, connect ethernet cable to hub/router-then power on the hub. I've had issues where the hub if running wouldn't renegotiate an IP address, back when I had an Asus router

I have the exact same router with my C7 plugged into the 2nd LAN port. The ASUS control panel shows the speed for that port being 100 mbps. The IP address is automatically set (not manual). I didn't do anything special with the settings to get it to work, and it's been running well for the last several months.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I think it was self-inflicted. I don't think I noticed that port aggregation had been turned on for the modem and it was trying to use port 4 for that. Moved things around and it all seems to be negotiating the connection properly now.

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