Hub Wont Update

I am on and i see that .121 is out. For a few days i would get the update message but not i dont get it anymore. when i do an update check nothing comes up. Any ideas how to get the hub to update?

This happened once for me. A hub reboot corrected it and allowed the update.

I should have mentioned that I did try to reboot a few times. I just tried it again now and still nothing

So this happened to me once before too. I just revisited my conversation with @bobbyD, and it's really inconclusive what actually fixed the issue. Last thing I did before it offered me the update was to roll back to a previous version. It didn't appear right away, but a short time later it did offer me the update.

You could try that or you can just contact support and see what they say.
To access previous versions, go to http://[your hub IP]:8081