Hub won’t boot

Clicked the Hub Stop, removed power to plug hub into a different outlet. Blue light comes on but cannot get connected to the hub interface now. Nothing is shown on monitor. Browser shows message that it timed out trying to connect. I am able to ping the hub so it is powered on. I have tried many times to power up after 10-15 minutes unplugged program does not load. If my Raspberry Pi did this, it would be corrupted SD card.

What do I need to do?

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Oh boy.. my hub also died about 3am this morning! A reboot has put it back to "factory"

I had that happen and it was a faulty power supply. For me it was a crack in the plug. Not saying that is your issue of course.

I would check with support ASAP.

The soft reset method @NoWon linked to that I did was so painless and easy. I was back up in 15 minutes.

Let it reset, restore the last backup, your back in business.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help. I have it packaged up and going back to Hubitat today.