Hub Will Not Boot After Attempt to Upgrade from to 2.2.3

Just attempted to upgrade a C-7 from to 2.2.3 using the recommended upgrade procedure. The upgrade seems to hang at the "Applying Update" step and never completes. Looking at the hub, its LED would continually stay blue for several minutes and then would flash red, go out for a couple of seconds and then go back to blue. After about 15 minutes of this, I accessed the diagnostic menu (:8081) and attempted a reboot, but the hub's behavior was the same as before. I then accessed the diagnostics menu again and restored the previous version. All seems to be okay now. I will await further attempts to upgrade until I hear more.

Looks like I said everything was okay too soon after restoring I just found that my z-wave devices are not responding. I will attempt to shutdown the hub, power it off and then power it back on to see if this fixes the problem.

After power down and reboot z-wave devices are now working.

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Brand new hub. Attempted upgrade from to 2.2.3 today. Unit was stuck for hours. After rebooting it does load main application webservice; and is showing a different MAC address on the factory reset page than it shipped with and is showing in the mac tables. Opened a case.

The 2.2.2 -> 2.2.3 update replaces some OS files that may remain locked by another running process. If that happens, patching process can run into an infinite loop trying (and failing) to update them. One thing that worked is, yes, a Reboot hub option from the diagnostic tool at If update still fails after that, a rollback to 2.2.2 is the way to go until we get it sorted out for good.
Also, we heard a number of people reporting that MAC stickers on the factory box are wrong. If that's the case, ones on the hub itself match the actual MAC of the device.

Thanks for the info @gopher.ny. I'll give the upgrade another try in the next day or two. As for the MAC address, I used the MAC address for the Hub from my router.

@gopher.ny I was able to upgrade from to 2.2.3 today. I noticed that overall, the hub seems to be much slower responding than before, especially on the devices and apps pages. I have rebooted the hub a couple of times, but it seems to make no improvement to the slow response. Hopefully the next update will address the slow response.

Now that it ran an overnight cleanup job, does it run better, or is it still slow?

@gopher.ny The next day my Hub was response was back to normal and has been so ever since. What is the "overnight cleanup job" and does the Hub run this after every upgrade?

It runs every night. I think, at least in my experience, the reason for the slow hub after upgrading to 2.2.3.x is the change in the event logging. If you look at the DB size before and after the hub ran its nightly jobs you should see a huge difference in the backup size. Mine went from 23MB down to 4MB.