Hub Web interface crawling/ referred to Engineering

I have been building a large Z-Wave system over the past year and it has worked well. Everything responds quickly. My problem started several weeks ago when I installed a Starlink router. It only allows DHCP and the range of IP addresses included my Hub's static IP address. On the hub I changed the static address from to and shutdown and restarted the hub. It came back up with the original 250 address even though the setting still listed the 50 address. I change the hub to use DHCP and rebooted. Then set it back to static and this time when I rebooted it was on the 50 address. The web interface started to crawl and network oriented Apps started to fail. I left it up overnight thinking it may need time after startup to settle down. Time did not help I was getting several minutes between web pages. Remote Access almost did not work. I tried several things to fix the problem. I changed the static IP address back to 250 using above procedure. I rebooted and restarted several times. I changed the network setting do DHCP. I backed out to I reinstalled I tried to run a restore using iCloud backup. Nothing happened when I pressed restore and waited. I tried to run a local restore and nothing happened, I downloaded a local backup and tried to restore from a file. I ran network tests in the hub and got reasonable responses. I emailed Hubitat Support and got a reply that they were forwarding it to engineering and would no longer respond. The hub is up and z-wave devices and Apps are running quickly. The interface is just painfully slow and I can restore any backups.

Go to Settings -> Network Setup. Make sure that the ethernet speed is set to be auto-negotiated.


Does something else have .50? There could be something hanging on to an address it got with the old DHCP server. Unplug the HE from the network, and try pinging .50 from a PC ("ping"). If you get a response, you have an address conflict.


It is also possible it's unrelated to the network change (though I doubt it). It might be worthwhile taking a look at device and app stats in the logs tab just to see if something leaps out.

If the ip is refusing to change and the hub is set to use DHCP, press the button on the bottom with a paper clip. This will reset the network settings and it should pick up the new DHCP reservation..

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I checked this setting and it was set to Auto negotiated. I remember that when I changed the IP address to 50, I also changed it from fixed 100 to auto negotiated thinking that 100 did not make sense on a gigabit network. So I just changed it back to 100mbps and the interface returned to its normal speed. I am connected to a Nighthawk EAX20 mesh extender. Maybe that device did not like the Auto negotiated. Go figure. Thanks for the help

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The interface on the HE is 100mb anyway so you're not losing anything. And that's plenty fast enough anyway.

If you force a speed, you have to force it at both ends. Otherwise, the autonegotiate end will go to half-duplex, and you'll get lots of collisions and unreliable communications.