Hub version Rule machine and the sun

Hello everybody,
I just recently updated to, and I’ve discovered that any rules that I had built in a rule machine using sunrise and sunset seem to be backwards or simply non-functional right now. For instance all my outdoor lights stayed on this morning instead of turning off at sunrise. The time is set correctly on the hub, but any rules that reference sunset or sunrise don’t seem to be working properly. Is anybody else having issues like this?

I did the update but mine seem to be working. I was out last night after sunset and they were all on. Today they are off.

I’m looking through rules and if time between sunset and sunrise, is true in all of them... also, any of my simple automation rules that should only run when dark have been running all day...

It’s very interesting...

Very odd. My outdoor lights come on at sunset -15 minutes and go off in the morning at sunrise +15. I don't have any other sunrise/sunset automations in place.

and now this morning, the rules look correct again. that's.... very curious....

Image on 2020-06-08 05.42.07

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