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No matter what I do, go back several versions/databases. I cannot get to create a Hub Variable. I don't particularly know what I am going to do when I get there, but point is I cant make it up if I cannot see them. No matter where I click on this screen (Below) I do not get a new variable UI, which is kind of what I am expecting. Click on the PLUS sign, click on the here, click on the arrow click

I have restored back and back and no change. Can someone please either tell me how to factory restore, they worked when I got the hub 10 weeks ago, or how I have managed to disable them.

Kind Regard

I am getting really teed off

What device are you trying this from (mac. PC, mobile) and what browser?

Hi James and thank you for your response.

I am trying this on a laptop (Win11 home) I have tried Firefox Brave and Edge.
Absolutely nothing happens when I click the "+" or anywhere else on the screen. I downdated a couple of versions but still no luck.

I tried it from the android app and same result !!

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Got no idea, sorry. @bobbyD ?

If you open up developer mode in FireFox (F12 usually), and then go the screen are there any Console Errors? If not hit the Plus button and check the console for errors again.

It should be noted that these are different; restoring a backup from Settings > Backup and Restore does not take the corresponding platform version (on which the backup was created) along with it--that information is just there for reference. Sometimes, there are breaking changes where this matters. Hub platform version can be done via Settings > Diagnostic Tool (or the hub IP at port 8081 if you can't get there, as may sometimes be the case if you need this tool--though that's not the case here). In most cases, this won't take a hub database along with it, though I believe a recent update with breaking changes to the database (and backup) format did.

So, just wanted to make sure you weren't lumping these two together. I suspect the platform version isn't related, and it could be something odd with your database.

But as for a fix: do you have any variables created yet (it looks like no)? If not, I'd try a trick: the URL should be something like http://hubIP/installedapp/configure/123/hubVar. Replace the /configure/123/hubVar (or /configure/123 if that's all you see) part with /status/123 to get to the App Status page for this app. (Replace 123 with the actual app ID you see). Then, hit the "Remove Hub Variables" button there, go back to Settings > Hub Variables, and see if it works now. (Do not do this if you have any hub variables connected; I think it's safe if you only have hub variables themselves--and certainly none at all, as you may. But it's hidden for a reason for this app; proceed with caution and take another backup before just in case.)

Hi Bertabcd1234

I tried the configure status route, but it informed me the app had been deleted or some such. I don't remember that happening, but who is to say I didn't do something stupid.

So, I also took on board your platform/database explanation, which I had kind of figured out, but glad to get the validation. I had tried combinations of such and nothing appeared to work.

Eventually I went back to platform 116 and a backup I have from 4 weeks ago that I also knew was a 116 backup. This worked. I then re-upgraded and it still worked.

I lost a bit of stuff, but I am beginning the journey so I could use the practice of re-finding it all out again. (making all the same mistakes again :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your effort in explaining that to me.

Hi Bear,

strangely no errors and because there was no link to click, the clicks did nothing either. I have solved it with roll-backs and restore. Thank you for your efforts. I had tried this on Brave :slight_smile:

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