Hub variables not viewable in settings

All is updated on C7 hub, but have some erratic behavior with variables. As a newbie I currently have a single variable that is used in a single Rule instance, and is used on a dashboard. Current issue is that the variable list isn’t accessible under Settings:

I get the following in the logs:
app:32022-09-11 11:13:59.275 am errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'currentVariable' on null object on line 202 (method hubVar)

That's not good. I would suggest three possible ways out of this: (1) Reboot the hub, and see if that clears it up. (2) Restore your most recent backup and see if that fixes it. If those both fail, then there are steps you can take to remove the Hub Variables app, and allow it to start over. Try the first two, and report back here, before we get into how to do that other step.

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Reboot doesn’t change result.
I’m reluctant to restore any previous version because I’ve had other issues over past couple of days; don’t want to get wordy here, It would pain me to lose the Device information and Dashboards… but I don’t have much invested in Rules, variables, etc. My issues began when I waded into doing more than just using dashboards as remote controls; all in the past few days; prior to that everything was solid.
Knowing that, would you be in favor of looking at your third solution - addressing the variable functionality directly?

In your browser, when you try to open Hub Variables, the url looks something like this:

Edit that URL into this (using your ip address and replacing 25043 with the number from your url)

When that page opens, at the bottom right Remove Hub Variables. Then try again to open it from Settings. Let me know...


That worked! I don’t understand it… but it did the trick, I think.
Thanks much!

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Premature celebration…

Appeared that all was well, but I’ve spent hours trying to understand what is going on. Bravenel directions restored access to Hub Variables, so I attempted to build back the Rule that updates the variable, and the Dashboard that displays the variable’s state. I tried to create what I want, find something wasn’t quite right, remove all refs to the variable… reset the hub… try next idea… I think I have somehow changed something in the system so that the Dashboard app doesn’t allow selection of a variable (instead of a device) like it did previously. Whereas it used to show a list of available variables when I selected “variable”, now the list of devices remains regardless of device / variable selection.

I then wondered about whether it might be necessary to create a ‘connector’, even though it wasn’t required previously… but it didn’t help.

To recap what I’m trying to do:
I created a Rule that manages the state of a variable based on two input switches, and drives a notification if the state = ‘open’ for > 5 minutes. That part functions correctly. I also want the variable to drive the appearance of a dashboard tile, and that sort of works, but in trying to improve the UI I’ve tried to map the variable state to non-default icons / states / colors. Am I trying to do something that isn’t really supported? Ideally I want an icon of a garage (or garage door) that appears in two different colors depending on the variable state (red if ‘open’ > 5 min; otherwise green).

Before a variable is available in your dashboard, you do need to go into your apps/specific dashboard setup and select what variables are exposed to that dashboard.

A connector is no longer required to make variables available to dashboards.


I appreciate the help, Steve!
I understand your point… but since the Dashboard’s ability to display a variable seems to be limited to a textual “true” or “false”, I discovered that to achieve what I wanted I did need to create a connector - that way the choice of the connector ‘device’ opens up more options with selecting ‘templates’ and ‘custom icons’. (That relationship was not apparent to me previously :slightly_smiling_face:)

If anyone is interested, here’s what the dashboard looks like now. First pic is with either/both garage door sensor ‘open’ (which triggers a notification if condition persists > 5 minutes). Second pic shows normal state of things.

You are absolutely correct and shame of me for not completely digesting your previous post. Your dashboard definitely looks cleaner than mine :wink: