Hub variable w/o connector in Dashboard not updating unless screen manually refreshed

Is this normal behavior?

I have to refresh dashboard to see variable number change values. It auto refreshes with hub variables with connectors.

Also, if anyone thinks the following is not true let me know.

capture / restore must occur in the same rule
hub variables are lost if hub suffers power outage
cannot read a local file to load a variable


I believe I’ve seen this reported as a bug somewhere before, but what hub model and firmware are you seeing this on?

As to the other questions:

  • Capture/restore IIRC you are correct
  • Hub Variables are still present after a power outage, reboot, etc.
  • Local file to variable - not sure about RM but know I can do this with a simple text file via groovy

You can read/write to a local text file?

Can do simple text files, it’s not perfect but does have its uses….

Edit: Found the RM mention of this capability - it’s RM 4.0 but assume it was brought forward

I know of someone else who complained about the same issue, but I never seen anyone address it. I have a c-7. So far with my other complaint of no color support for hub variables w/o connectors, I see no need to use them and standing down with anymore research with them.

I advocate for a pinned or static list of potential, known and to be fixed issues with workarounds if known. With no comments/threads allowed. Everyone looking at the one place is way more efficient than scanning and searching for something everywhere.

I appreciate your response. If true that hub variables do not clear with power outage, then wouldn't
it help if capture/restore stored to a hub variable and then could be restored from any rule? I am
trying to efficiently restore device state if the power goes off briefly and prevent lights coming on in middle of night. But I don't think to its efficient to have a single rule every so many minutes do a capture on multiple devices that may never change that day. I prefer (and do) save the state only when a device changes state. So my hub, if no device turns on, never is attempting to save state of that device to a hub variable. I am then monitoring a ring extender to see if it went to battery and when back on mains restore my device states. This has resolved my middle of the night light issues. But I figured it would be more efficient to use hub built-in commands like capture/restore. So far my hub variable device states have been there because I have a UPS during those brief power outages. I have never experienced a long outage to test whether the hub variables would solve that.

Soo (long winded), if I found hub variables do disappear if HUB off long enough, then I could save state to a local file and restore state from a local file and skip HUB variables completely.

Once I research some issues I am having since last upgrade, I think I am keeping Hubitat programming static. I enjoy being creative, but do not enjoy troubleshooting after every upgrade.

thanks for listening