Hub Variable value != Variable Connector value

I've been using Hub Variables with Rule Machine to automate door code manipulation for zwave locks at my AirBnB property. I was able to automate a lot of it using MakerAPI and Google App Scripts. To access the hub variables from GAS, I have to have a connector device for the variables that are then authorized through MakerAPI.

I just discovered today that one of my hub variables has a value to is understood by the hub and by RM to be a certain value (21), but the connector device (and the output from MakerAPI gets) is a different value (20).

How can I correct this issue, and prevent such an "out of sync" issue from occurring in the future?

First time I’ve heard of something like this. Could you post a screen shot of the variable connector device page and the hub variable page? (At some point I’m sure we’ll want to see more… :slight_smile: )

I reset the value of the variable connector since it was causing problems with my lock code monitoring GAS, so they're matching currently. I should have grabbed screenshots of everything when it was not reflecting the proper value. ("bad programmer, no donut")

The variable in question is a decimal var named DFL_Lock-GuestCurrent-Slot.

I've colored over the name of a current guest for obvious reasons.