Hub Variable in Dashboard, Is there a way to change color?

I am testing and finding when I select a variable type and select a hub variable there appears no way to change the color of background/text. I'm I doing it right? I am using the direct link workaround.

I don't see anything in the template for it.

CSS edit?

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Anything is possible, but the devices use a template where choosing colors is intuitive.

I hope this isn't true as I then wasted too much time on this.

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I'm thinking no, without checking.... as per usual :slight_smile:

Most other devices have defined states, so a switch can be on or off, contact sensor open / closed, etc. So you can set the colours against those states, when the switch if on, the colour settings are these.

Are you simply wanting to set the background and text colours to a single setting all the time, or do you want the colours to change when the variable changes value?

Currently, a variable with a connector has a template default setting. One entry for number, strings etc. You can setup a background and text color.

A hub variable w/o connector has nothing (not confirmed..can't find it). So its like I can have a car in any color as long as it is black..:smiley: Makes no sense.

So it stands out in my colorful dashboards. And not in a good way. I am not sure why anyone would want them with this limitation as hub variables with connectors have no limitations. Thank goodness I didn't convert anymore before I found this out. I tried but there was a bug with legacy links.

Seems not thought-out to me. But as I said, maybe I am missing something and there is a way.

I am not interested any programming to make it happen. I already do that to change the look of tiles now. Unfortunately, I am the only person here that knows how things works or EVEN cares to know how things work with Hubitat. My spouse will remove everything if I get hit by a bus. There is no way for a normal person to setup/support this. The smart part of home automation would be to slowly remove the automation and the smart and make it easier for my spouse when that bus comes for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for response and Happy Thanksgiving.

Also, I found out yesterday I had to refresh the dashboard to see value changes unlike hub variables with connectors. Maybe addressed by now. Haven't read many posts yet.

Worst case scenario you can just add css similar to:

tile-xx {
     background-color: blue;
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Yea, i do that stuff now. But at a minimum would like it to go the template way. What I really want is an end-user to be able to change colors themselves. If spouses, family members could change things like schedules and colors, they will get more attached and involved. I recently made it possible to change schedule times through my dashboards. My spouse uses all the benefits of Hubitat , Nest, Ring , Alexia, Tinycam etc. Hubitat is the only thing that doesn't offer the ease of use by a normal person.

I am sure I sound like a downer. I lost my mom, mother-in-law and two others in a years time. I focus on Hubitat as a distraction. Which mainly works until it seems like I am working :slight_smile:

Thanks for response. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Doesn’t look like they’ve made the template available yet but if you check the advanced option they are using a global-variable template. So I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time before it appears in the template section for customizing.

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I come from SmartThings. Hubitat is WAY better and more reliable. Support is 1000x better than with SmartThings. There is a reason why SmartThings has a link to their system status. You need to check if just North America has a problem or the entire world or the universe. Love Hubitat.....

I have no problem waiting for fixes and changes. I am not aware of a company that addresses issues this quickly. Its appreciated.

That works as I expected it would. I already do a lot css now. As is, I see no upside to use hub variables w/o connectors now. Thanks for the suggestion. Appreciated it.

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