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I've noticed that I no longer get update messages in HE when there is an update available. The longest I've waited to see if one comes up is over 24 hours. Even after searching for an update and seeing that one is available, I still don't get a message like I did before. Has thing functionablity been moth-balled or is there something wrong with my hub? I seem to be getting the updates fine once I search for them.

You're referring to the little red circle notification thingy, right? I am still seeing those pop up, but often it takes a while. I am not sure how frequently the hub checks in to see if new firmware is available.

Yeah...exactly. I didn't even know that 2.0.4 was available for 36 hours till I saw the post on here. I would think it should happen sooner than that. And especially after searching for an update and finding one available. I know the hub knows about it then. :wink:

I know this doesn't solve the issue, but I have altered my settings so that I get an email if there is a post in the announcements category.
The HE team post in the announcements category for updates.


I like that! I think I will do that as well!! Great idea!!!

If only it was my idea...... :wink:

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Well, you get credit from me for paying it forward. How's that? :smiley:

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Which topic can I follow to do this without getting bombarded with every announcement?

Might be a good feature request to implement push notifications or pushover support from the hub for available updates. :thinking:

Release Notes

Works good.