Hub Update 1.1.17

Is the update process getting hammered right now? I'm trying to update my hub but when I check for update nothing happens. I've rebooted my hub and tried again, still nothing.

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Same issue for me. I thought it might be the latest iOS update (12.1) so was gonna check on a computer when I get up.

Can anyone confirm that the improvements to ZigBee channel changing are in this update? I did not see anything in the release notes.

I hit the check for update button and nothing happened, but I left it on that page for a few minutes while I updated my ios devices elsewhere (update day!). When I came back to my browser and hit check for update button again, the update was there and proceeded normally. Just an FYI to the mix.


Not working for me either.

I was able to update without issue earlier today, not sure though why some people are having problems.

Had to reboot the hub. Then it popped right up.