Hub Update 1.1.0 added capabilities - documentation?

Hub update 1.1.0 added the following capabilities:

  • securityKeypad capability
  • releaseableButton capability
  • changeLevel capability (start and stop level change commands)
  • colorMode capability (tracks RGB vs CT mode in RGBW capable devices)
  • add filterStatus capability
  • add pressureMeasurement capability

Looking at both of ST's current capabilities lists provides no guidance, so is there any documentation on these?

Need documentation on Pico dimming too, I think that was supposed to use releaseableButton?


Yup, hopefully I'll be able to update these tonight.


I know (somewhere) in previous iterations that the inclusion of additional capabilities (for RM) depending on manpower resources, but it would be great if we started seeing weather based capabilities (ie. precipitation).

Is sendhubcommand added to hubitat with this Update ???

Yes, see the annoucement here:

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I'm looking forward to using these new capabilities. I'm especially curious about the changeLevel capability. Thank you for finding new ways to improve the button implementation.