Hub unresponsive again

I already opened a ticket with support, but I am curious how many other people have experienced hub issues recently. My hub has been pretty rock solid until tonight, so I hope it's just a freak thing,

My hub has never locked up in 8+ months of use. I do have a second one that I use for development. The only time it became unresponsive was when I was messing around with a custom Telnet driver. The Hubitat team fixed that issue with a firmware release recently.

I hope you figure it out... By any chance, are you running webCoRE? :wink:


I haven't been running that for about 6+ months.

I assume you have some devices on each hub. There's no way to share devices between hubs is there?

Yes, there is. There are a pair of built-in apps, Hub Link and Link to Hub, that allow you to share devices between two hubs. Generally, you'd set up one as the remote hub (Link to Hub) and the other as the master (Hub Link). On the remote you select the devices you want to have appear on the master hub. Read about it here:

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I have it working bidirectionally. I have installed both apps on both Hubitat Hubs. It does work. I haven't found a problem yet.

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