Hub unresponsive after firmware update

Having power cycled one of my hubs a few times after a firmware update, i'm a little stuck. It's unresponsive, even on port: 8081

I've emailed support but that was a day ago and they haven't responded yet, so impatiently, I'm here asking for advice... :slight_smile:

Does it have a light on the front showing and if so what colour ?
Can you ping the IP and get a response from it ?

I'm unable to see the lights from my office (it's at home) but I just remoted in and it's not pingable

Does it have a statically assigned IP address? Have you tried

Edit: For the C-5 hub, MAC addresses begin with 34:e1:d1. So you can always do "arp -an | grep '34:e1:d1'" and locate it that way if it got assigned a different IP address.


it's been on a fixed IP for a year. finds only one of my hubs not this missing one.

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it had 1 solid blue light, just power cycled again - no joy.

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I'm assuming I now need to take video from the HDMI out of it and diagnose?

Sorry to hear that, you should contact - tagging @bobbyD

yeah sorry haven't had much experience with what you are describing.
@bobbyD should be able to give you some things to try.

I changed the network port on the switch and rebooted the switch, re-seated the ethernet cable in the hub and it's back.

It's things like this that worry me that it backs itself up to the same device, not to the cloud.

You can export a backup to a PC if you wish. Personally I always export a backup to my PC pre and post software update.


Good idea, I will adopt that practice.

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