Hub Unreachable


Over the last two weeks I have been moving stuff over to hubitat from smartthings, I had updated to the latest firmware that was released yesterday and had also done the zwave firmware update.

Today I decided its time to start moving zwave devices so wanted to move the hub to its final resting place before I did, I shut it down and unplugged it, I then moved it to the new location, it booted up to a green LED but could only access the the Diagnostic Tool.
I then did a reboot from the Diagnostic Tool and it got me to the main page but as soon as I clicked on anything its not accessible again

What should I try next?

I suspect that's just a cached page, and you didn't actually get there.

The usual advice is to check and see if it has the same IP address you're expecting. IF you don't have a reserved address, then each reboot has the chance of getting a new address. The hub will 'phone home' and thus portal will display the latest it's heard.

Well I did a roll back to previous version didn't work then I restored the backup before I did the latest update and its all working as it was