Hub Unreachable - Timestamp request

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Not sure who to ask exactly but was curious if we could get a timestamp on these messages in the web interface?

Make sure you are on the latest. There should only be one.

I'm getting hundreds of these as well. They happen when you leave the Wi-Fi home network that the hub is on.

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I believe it was the latest at the time? I see a new update now gonna grab it.

My hub was down for hours it seems again, just figured a timestamp here would easily point me at the time it happened.

I am having daily hub crashes now. I am currently trying to "sanitize" the hub of any user apps to see if that is cause of my woes and if not hopefully can get a support ticket in.

Mine are because the hub is crashed I think - truly unreachable....

Would help things if you provide your browser you are seeing this on. The desired intent is a single message that states hub is unreachable. The check-in is every 15 seconds.

Also, if you open up a desktop browser dev tools, f12 as a shortcut, are you seeing errors in console and what does the network tab look like for the endpoint, messages.

Also easy way to test this is to connect to the hub web interface. Turn off your wifi or unplug Ethernet. After about 15 seconds you should see a single hub unreachable warning. Wait about a minute, should only still be one. Turn on wifi or plug back in Ethernet and within 15 seconds the hub unreachable message will disappear.

windows 10. Chrome browser Version 74.0.3729.157 (Official Build) (64-bit)

As I said my hub was red lighting for several hours so I would expect numerous errors.

just wanted to see the time everything went down was all.

Here are the errors from dev tools

These errors in network tab.

These in console tab

After update and reboot this does work as you describe.

Now back to trying to figure out why my hub is crashing daily....