Hub to Hub Migration Experience using Hub Protect service

Hello Community,

I wanted to find out who out here in the community has done a C-5 to a C-7 hub migration using the new Hub Protect service? Anyone had any issues with any devices? Any gotchas or anything I should keep in mind outside of the directions? I understand that Zigbee will need to be paired again, but I only have 3 Zigbee devices compared to the dozens of Z-Wave and Lutron Caseta devices I have, so not a big deal there.

I received my new C-7 today, and my plan is to migrate the C-5 over to the C-7, all Z-Wave, Zigbee, Lutron, and WiFi devices. The plan when that is complete, and everything is settled, the C-5 will get a complete reset and be used in the detached garage for the Z-Wave devices out there, was told in another thread that I could reuse the C-5, and then will use Hub Mesh to connect back to the new C-7.

Thanks in advance!

I migrated my z-wave C-5 to a C-7. It also had the following LAN and cloud integrations:

MakerAPI to HomeBridge
MakerAPI to Node-RED

I made sure the new C-7 had the same IP address as the old C-5 (the C-5 was powered off after cloud backup).

No issues with anything.


I've done a C-4 to C-7.

Lutron Caseta is a piece of cake.

Zigbee isn't bad, just reset and re-pair. My only problem was two devices that are difficult to access in order to push the button.

Z-Wave requires the exclude/include dance. I found I had one Z-Wave device (a Fibaro) that likes to pair with S0 so when I found that, I moved it back to an old C-4 hub. Hub mesh can definitely help - it allows you to migrate gradually rather than trying to get it all done in a hurry. I left a few devices behind - I had used Sensative Strips window sensors (brought them over from SmartThings). I hate them because of having to wave the magnet around to do anything with them. Well, the batteries are starting to die now so I just left them on the old hub and put some new Nyce 3011 (Zigbee) window sensors on those windows. I am gradually removing the Sensative Strips as the batteries get lower and lower (I took three off yesterday, three more to go).

The documentation section now has a guide on pairing and excluding devices ("Join and Reset Instructions") that has a very large number of devices documented. I kept that open in a browser window while I was working. I think there was only one of my devices that wasn't in there (I can't remember which one it was).

Cool, glad to hear your stuff was pretty seamless, I'm also running IFTT, KASA, and Lutron on top of the Z-Wave and Zigbee stuff.

I plan on using the old C-5 IP on the new C-7, then the C-7 will be assigned a new static.

??? The migration does not work on a C4

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The migration service does not support a C-4 but you can migrate by backing up the C-4 database and loading it on the C-7 then re-pair the devices. Works quite well. @bravenel has written up a way to move the Z-Wave devices for minimal disruption.

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I was asking for feedback on the service that migrates from a C-5 to C-7, but thanks for your feedback on the manual migration from a C-4 to a C-7

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Suggest you word your question more carefully:

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I've migrated my C-5 devices over to the C-7, and worked flawlessly! Only a minor hiccup with Sharptools, but once I've re-authorized the hub on their site, that worked again.