Hub System Time is Wrong?

My hub system time is off by about 54 minutes? I have the zip code and the Lat/Lon set in the Settings and I have rebooted the hub multiple times. When I Iook at the log items come in they have a time stamp of 54 minutes earlier. My router is synced to an NTP server and it is set/reporting the correct time. How do I correct this?


I had a number of time related issues, UTC instead of local, log times 12 hours ahead of actual.

My issue was resolved with the latest update AND re-installation of Rule Machine, Mode Manager and 1 device that still showed incorrect times.

Not exactly your problem, but problem with times none the less. Also in my ticket requested a display of local time of the hub within the location or settings page.

Reply from Support:

We have identified an issue with the time zones and are working on a fix that hopefully will be released with next update.

The last update partially fixed the issue, but required re-install of mode manager, and automations for it to work. There are still time related bugs that I understand are being addressed in the next update. It has to do with some parts of the system using UTC and others using local time.


What is the known status of time. I noticed today that what is listed as local time on my new hub is still UTC.

Dave Gutheinz

Been working since short after that post back in February. Make sure you have your Time Zone set on the Location Tab.

Thanks. It was set. So I rebooted hub. Reset timezone again. May be an initial state that requires reboot to correct.

Can we get an update that shows the exact system time on the settings or location page?

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My log time is not my local time either. Is there a fix?

What is your local time set to and what does your log show?

7:52 edt local, 23:52 log.

Can you take a screenshot of the location page? And also the settings page?

OK well system time reports correctly. Now the last one would be what the logs screenshot looks like.

When was the last time you rebooted your hub?

I just got it two or three weeks ago and haven't rebooted it yet, as far as I know.

While we are at it, the log shows a ton of activity and I don't know why. I have one bulb on my system, that's it. Trying to decide whether to switch from another platform to this one and wanted to test the waters starting small.

I'd suggest trying a reboot. Everything appears to be set correctly.

When i have a power outage my hub time comes back on incorrect. A reboot does fix the time. Can rule machine reboot the hub?


A better solution is to install the NTP Client

Why not just put your hub on a small UPS? Solves a multitude of problems, including loss of time and database corruption.

Yes, you can reboot the hub via RM if desired. Search the forum and you’ll find numerous threads on the subject.


Thank You @jon1 and @ogiewon your replies got me in the right direction!