Hub Stuck at 15% Initializing

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I have emailed support but I figured I would post to see if anyone has other suggestions. Last night around 5pm my C-5 Hub stopped responding. The light was blue and nothing on the webpage. I tried going to 8081 and still no webpage. I waited for about 30 minutes and still nothing. I finally unplugged the hub and rebooted it. After about 5 minutes the hub came back up and all was working fine. This morning I was going to do a soft reboot and restore from a backup just to make sure there was no other issues. I found the hub in the same state as last night. Blue light on and no response on the webpage. I again tried to power cycle the hub and now I am stuck at 15% initializing for the past hour or so. I have tried to get to the diagnostic screen, but it still says 15%. Any suggestions?

Finally got to 25% and was able to get to 8081. I just soft reset and restored from backup and all seems to be good.


That's good news.
Might be worth checking the power supply to make sure it is OK and wasn't the route cause of the problem.
Also if the unit gets hot it can cause issues. Make sure it is ventilated well and not sitting on top of something that generates to much heat.

Thanks @bobbles. I will check the power cord. Never even thought of that.

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