Hub stopped and Wemo

My hub didn't perform the tasks again. This is the 3rd time in a month. I had to reboot the hub. The light was green. After unplugging and pluggin back in I had to manually execute lights. I saw something about a Belkin Wemo plug. While I am away can I reboot the hub remotely with the wemo?

its doesnt reboot it, it cuts the power to it.
You could add a reboot http request to a button and do it from the cloud dashboard ?

I am really new to this. How would I do that? I saw that I have to on the computer change to Cloud dashboard I then opened the app and saw all the devices. What do I need to do? Thanks

Whilst I do agree it is not good practice to remove the power to the hub without shutting it down first, I use a WeMo outlet just as you have suggested.
You will see constant log reports from the WeMo devices in the logs as the WeMo connect app (if that is what you are using) resubscribes every few minutes. This has not been an issue for me.

How I open HE is with the IP address. When that doesn't work I use portal.hubitat and search for my hub. When I am away I can't do that so that is why I thought a Wemo plug would be the best route.

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just add the device to a dashboard and then you have access to it.
Once you turn it on - out goes the power, how would you turn it back on ?
Probably better making a virtual switch, with the http post of your hubs ID with the reboot command ?

Through the WeMo app.
I went through a couple of months of my hub becoming unresponsive on a regular basis. Between every 2 - 5 days.
(This has been resolved now).
If I couldn't get into my dashboard remotely but could get into my WEMOs remotely I would turn the WeMo on and off via the WeMo app to recover the hub.
Worked a treet.
Also after a power cut the WeMo's don't always turn back on so I have hourly rules through the WeMo app to turn them on.

ah, of course, I am stuck in the HE controls everything mindset lol

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That will solve my problem but that's how you resolved it or was it something else? Also is there any teaching aid about the HE like making commands, virtual switches etc.

If this is a question about my hub instability, my issue was caused by Chromecast (beta). As soon as this was disabled and all my TTS stuff shifted to my Sonos devices, my issues stopped.