Hub stalls Monday early morning

My hub slows to a crawl every Monday morning around 2am. Dashboards stop responding, Alexa can't connect, portal times out. I basically cant get to the hub and have to power cycle it.
When I restart the hub, there are sporadic log entries during the time when it won't properly respond so I know it is still running. I see no specific log entry(s) around the time it slows.

Does the hub do something on Monday morning that could account for this. I do not believe there are any rules or apps doing anything at that time.

FYI, the hubs usually do a nightly backup every night usually between 2-4 am if you go to your settings and backup/restore you can see the time at which the hub performed a nightly backup

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Backups are happening nightly at approx 3am. It’s the Monday only time that is a problem, which I can’t figure out.

Are you attempting to use the hub at 2am? Or is it just a problem later that morning?

Are usually notice it when I attempt to use the hub at around 4 AM.

Probably best to ask

One thing you can try is a Soft-Reset procedure, which has helped many users clean up database related performance issues.

Are the backups stored as a text or binary file?

Encrypted compressed file. Navigate to settings, backup to see them.


I performed a back up, did a soft reset and restored from the back up. The back up and the reset worked fine but the restore seem to have stopped partway through. I reset the hub again and attempted another restore and it worked as it should have.
I’ll see if this solves the early-morning stalling issues that I’ve been having.

I use echo speaks to alert me when the garage fridge is left open. If it’s left open, it will frost up and not work, resulting in warm “refreshments“ (a situation that cannot be tolerated).
In trying to diagnose this problem, I removed all of the user apps, including echo speaks. Guess what I found when I got home from work today.
I’ve really got to figure out why the hub stops working sometime during Monday mornings.

A soft reset didn't help.
I'm going to go through all of my rules and make sure I do not have anything weird happening Monday mornings at 2am (or so). Pretty sure I don't.
Then, I guess, it's time to open a support ticket.

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