Hub software updates downloading really slowly

I have been experiencing really slow download speeds, probably up to 3 - 5 minutes, when downloading new software updates/releases for the hub...

Downloading new software updates used to be very quick, so not sure what has changed?

Please advise as I have the hub wired to my WiFi mesh and have download speeds of 165Mbps, upload 135Mbps, thanks.

Hub: C7 /


I had this issue in the past and it had to do with the Ethernet speed setting under Settings > Network Setups.

If you are currently set to fixed try auto or vice versa.


@iEnam You want your network speed set to auto...


Funny enough, I just upgraded my router a couple weeks ago, and the Hubitat hubs hated Auto with the new router. They were sluggish, and would disconnect occasionally. When I set the Hubitat to Fixed 100, they were lightning fast again,

So my advice would be to try both, and see what works better in your situation with your equipment.


That's strange.... What kind of router?

TP-Link AX11000.

Hmm, what's the current MTU?

I had to look. I don't mess with any of that, I am not a network engineer by any means, I just plug stuff in and go.

MTU is 1500, which if I remember correctly is also how my old router was set.

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Thank you all!
It seems that I had set the Network speed to "Fixed 100mbps" at some point.
I have changed back to "Auto negotiated" and it is now working fine :smile: